Alcohol Ink Painting 5x7 original Blue Jay on Yupo paper # 188

Item Description

This is an original alcohol ink painting measuring 5 inches by 7 inches and it features a large Blue Jay bird sitting on a branch with a teal green and citrus green background. It was sealed with a preservative and a UV light protective spray. It comes matted in an acid free mat and is ready to be easily placed in one of your 8 x10 (outside dimensions) frames. You can put it on a small table top easel or hang it on a wall to give an interesting focal point or a punch of color.

If you read my blog post on double masking techniques, you can see how this art work was painted.

Yupo paper is really a synthetic paper that doesn't harm the environment by using any trees.

The colors are very vibrant on Yupo but it is challenging to paint on this surface. This is because the ink rests on the surface and doesn't get absorbed. The resting ink is then manipulated into its final shapes and designs. When dry, it is coated with a UV resistant spray and a protective finish. Even though it is coated with a UV protective spray, it is best not to permanently display all types of artwork or paintings (mine or anyone else's) in direct sunlight. UV rays can fade or lighten colors in oils, acrylics, watercolors and textile artwork.

Do you have a wall space that needs some interest and a punch of color? This is it. This 5 x 7 painting is already matted, so just place it in an 8 x10 frame that complements your home decor and enjoy.