"Ed McMahon, where were you?" a short story

My mom is known as Miss Lillian, in the assisted living facility where she now lives. She is totally blind in one eye and has very limited vision in the other. However, she diligently sits at her computer (with very large screen print) and writes the cutest stories and poems. Here is one she wrote in 1998 titled: "Ed McMahon, where were you?" Ed McMahon, where were you on the night of Sunday, January 25th, 1998? The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol asked me to let them know if I would be home on January 25 to receive my Ten Million Dollar Superprize ( 9:00 PM was circled ). I was even asked if it would be all right for you to come with a TV crew to photograph me as I received the prize. I answered "YES! YES!" and stayed home all day, in case you came earlier than 9:00 PM. My family was celebrating my daughter's birthday that evening and were in my house. Ed McMahon, I'd like you to know I was the recipient of a great deal of humor and scoffing at my naiveté in thinking that you were coming to give me the prize because that same card was sent to all who had entered the contest, and what makes me think I could win? Imagine! All this from people who play the lottery every week! I paid no attention to the jests. I was steadfast in my belief that you would ring my doorbell. I was dressed in my prettiest dress, ready to have my picture taken. A cut-glass vase was waiting to receive the bouquet of flowers you would bring. A repast for you and the TV crew - bagels, cream cheese, lox and salad were on hand in case you were hungry. Of course, there was coffee and slices of my daughter's birthday cake for all of you. Six o'clock came and went; then seven o'clock and eight. As the nine o'clock hour approached, the air crackled with suspense. No jokes were forthcoming. Nine o'clock came and went and you did not appear. Ed McMahon, where were you on the night of Sunday, January 25, 1998?


Accidentally i have come

Accidentally i have come across this site and am a little bit confused about photo editing companies the details shared here. This post specifies the details of a short story. What's about these? It looks really interesting to go through this story. I am looking here for more such posts from here.

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