Alcohol Ink Painting - a Fun Workshop

The second floor of the clubhouse was buzzing Monday when members of the art group started alcohol ink painting.  I gave this workshop to 9 ladies and they loved the ink and all of its possibilities. Paint on metal? Yes. Paint on glass? Yes. Paint on plastic? Yes. Paint on vinyl? Yes. Paint on ceramic? Yes and so on. We painted on yupo paper first and then some of the group branched out to try other substrates. Here are some photos:
a tablel full of alcohol ink materials A messy table = lots of fun

Concentrating on an alcohol ink landscape painting Concentrating on an alcohol ink landscape painting.

Luckily we have plenty of room to spread out. Luckily we have plenty of room to spread out.
Both ladies tried alcohol ink on different surfaces Both ladies tried painting alcohol ink on metal and plastic

Uschi shows her alcohol ink painting Success!
I think we will do this again! You can see some of my alcohol ink paintings on my website: and on my etsy store:


This looks like it was a lot

This looks like it was a lot of fun! :)

Staci Ann, yes it was and

Staci Ann, yes it was and most of the group want to do it again.

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It was so good to see the

It was so good to see the workshop updates of Alcohol ink painting details cut out background you have shared here. It was really a fun workshop you have shared here. There are many people there who have been participating in these workshops and they are really entertained. I am looking here for more details on that.


People who are interested in painting and also do different types of artistic work then you can go through this article given here. They provided the details and the methods of alcohol ink painting and also the information of a fun workshop. If you are interested you can also attend this workshop nevada legislature seats for studying this painting technique

Wow!! I am so excited to see

Wow!! I am so excited to see the details regarding this alcohol ink painting details more here you have shared here. This was really a fun workshop and anyone can join this workshop and enjoy themselves with beautiful coloring. I am looking here for more updates on that.

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Good to see the details you have shared here regarding the alcohol ink painting ideas you have shared here. In this post, they have described the details of a fun workshop that is shown rheumatology tests in pictures one by one. This describes the details of alcohol ink landscape painting. Really nice idea and that entertains many people out there.

Alcohol Ink Painting - a Fun Workshop | Sandra Fox Art

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Alcohol ink painting is a type of painting that is done with alcohol-based inks. These inks are highly pigmented and can significance of copywriters produce vibrant colors. Alcohol ink paintings are often abstract and can be very beautiful.

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Attend this fun and creative Alcohol Ink Painting workshop to unlock your inner artist! Not only is alcohol ink painting a great way to make beautiful art, but it is also a great source of stress relief. This workshop provides a perfect opportunity to learn the basics of alcohol ink painting while also having a great time in a supportive and creative environment. Whether you are an experienced artist or just starting out, you are sure to gain something valuable from this experience. Sign up now to join the fun! seo training ernakulam

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